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Selection of environmental impact load cell
Release Time:2019-11-15

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For the purchaser, the selection of the symmetrical heavy sensor is a very difficult thing, and the main reason is the installation problem. A load cell is actually a device that converts a quality signal into a measurable electrical signal output. Then the actual installation environment of the load cell is the first consideration. It is related to the normal operation of the sensor and its safety and service life, and even the reliability and safety of the entire scale.

Why can we say that the load cell installation environment occupies a big factor, we can consider from the following aspects. The first is the problem of the melting of the coating material, the opening of the solder joint, and the structural change of the stress in the elastic body caused by the high-temperature environment symmetric weight sensor. For load cells operating in high temperature environments, high temperature sensors are often used. In special cases, devices such as heat insulation, water cooling or air cooling must be added. The second is the effect of dust and moisture on the sensor causing a short circuit. Under these environmental conditions, a load cell with high airtightness should be used. Different load cells are sealed in different ways, and their airtightness is very different. Common seals are filled or coated with sealant; mechanically sealed seals for rubber pads; argon arc welding, plasma beam welding and vacuum nitrogen filling. From the perspective of the sealing effect, the welding seal is the best, and the filling and sealing agent is the amount difference. For sensors working in a clean and dry environment, you can choose a rubber-sealed sensor. For some sensors that work in a humid, dusty environment, you should choose a diaphragm heat seal or a diaphragm weld seal. Vacuum nitrogen filled sensor.

Weighing sensors operating in the above two environments require strict requirements, and of course some environments are also easily accessible. Corrosive environments and strong electromagnetic fields and flammability considerations are all choices of load cells. The necessary considerations. Second, the number of symmetric sensors and the choice of range. The number of considerations is related to the way the source is installed and the point of stress. We need to consider different points of force and different weighing values.

The number of sensors is selected according to the use of the electronic scale and the number of points that the scale body needs to support (the number of support points should be determined according to the principle of making the geometric center of gravity of the scale body coincide with the actual center of gravity). Generally speaking, the scale body has several support points to select several sensors, but for some special scale bodies, such as the electronic hook scale, only one sensor can be used. Some electromechanical combination scales should be determined according to the actual situation. Number. The choice of the size of the load cell depends mainly on the type of weighing and the installation space, to ensure proper installation, and the weighing is safe and reliable; on the other hand, the manufacturer's recommendations should be considered. Manufacturers generally specify the scope of the sensor according to the force condition, performance index, installation form, structure type, and material of the elastomer. For example, the aluminum cantilever beam sensor is suitable for price scales, platform scales, case scales, etc.; The cantilever beam sensor is suitable for hopper scale, electronic belt scale, sorting scale, etc.; steel bridge sensor is suitable for rail scale, truck scale, crane scale, etc.; column sensor is suitable for truck scale, dynamic rail scale, large tonnage hopper scale Wait. There are various types of load cells. It is recommended that the procurement personnel provide the technical requirements and installation environment to the sensor manufacturer. Let us recommend the appropriate load cell according to your needs, so as to avoid delays in your construction due to the selection error. Even caused unnecessary losses.

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