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The importance of process detection with sensors
Release Time:2019-11-15

For each physical and chemical change, the choice of the appropriate method, measurement principle and device, the process of giving quantitative or qualitative results is called detection. Among them, sensors always play the most important role in this process, and these detection changes are called process parameters. If the detection process and the results obtained are unincorporated, they are completely autonomously performed by the device, also known as automatic detection. Sensor detection technology is a promising technology in the modernization field and plays a very important role in the industrial development.

In the mechanical manufacturing industry, the detection and control of several static and dynamic parameters of processing tools by sensors can also improve processing accuracy, product quality and output. In many industries, such as petrochemicals and electric power, if the sensors are not automatically tested for temperature, pressure, density, current, voltage and flow during the production process, the production process will not be carried out continuously. The lighter can not guarantee the quality of the products and the accidents occur. In defense and aerospace industries, detection technology is used more, and sensor detection accuracy is higher. It can also be said that the emergence and development of several frontier detection principles and cutting-edge technologies are mostly inseparable from the needs of national defense and aerospace industries.

In recent years, automatic detection and control theory and computer technology have developed rapidly, but sensor technology has not kept up. The situation that the information and soft technology functions are developed and the detection function is stagnant, so that the distance between the frontier theory and technology and the basic detection technology is bigger, and the bottleneck effect will affect the sustainable development of modern industry. Therefore, many countries have already recognized this point, and have invested a lot of manpower and material resources to make up for it to minimize the gap between the two.

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