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Company Overview

Shenzhen Juli Sensing Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production, sales, and service of various high-precision sensors and instrument technology. We are committed to providing high-quality sensors, transmitters, and services for the weighing field, industrial automation field, new energy field, automotive manufacturing field, robotics field, and 3C electronic consumer industry Research and development of control instruments and solutions for system engineering control. The company has a modern production and research base, advanced production and testing equipment, professional research and development team, and a complete management system in Huiyang District, Huizhou. The company has obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification and multiple product ROHS and CE certifications. With over thirty years of advanced technology and experience in the field of sensors, the company currently designs and produces hundreds of products, including weighing sensors, micro tension/pressure sensors, multi-dimensional force sensors, tension sensors, torque sensors, displacement sensors and pressure transmitters, amplifiers, control instruments, and has obtained multiple patents. The products are widely used in various industrial automation production lines, robots, metallurgy, new energy, medical and other new intelligent fields. Through continuous improvement and improvement, our products can replace similar foreign products due to their high stability and sensitivity. Adhering to the experience concept of "governing enterprises with morality, shaping reputation with quality, and benefiting others", we wholeheartedly serve our customers and welcome new and old customers to visit and inspect our factory!

Corporate Culture
Core values of the enterprise:Cohesion, efficient innovation, pragmatic dedication
Business philosophy:To govern enterprises with morality, to shape reputation with quality, to achieve mutual benefit and mutual benefit

Enterprise Show
Talent recruitment
  • Instrument Engineer

    Job Requirements

    1. Graduated in electronics or mechanical engineering, college degree or above; software development requirements are familiar with Keilc programming and debugging, can independently complete programming and debugging of embedded product software; hardware development requires proficiency in pcb design software; understand single-chip C language programming, simulation Circuit, circuit board factory, sensor factory work experience is preferred.

    2. Have more than 3 years relevant work experience.

    3. The office software is proficient and can adapt to occasional business trips around.

    4. Treatment: The salary is negotiable and sincerely recruited.

  • Sales Engineer

    Job Requirements

    1. College or above (successful graduates) are willing to learn, can endure hardships, and have a cheerful personality.

    2. Professional mechanical and electrical integration, mechanical, electronic, and electronic industry sales experience is preferred.

    3. Have certain sales skills and are willing to work in sales.

    4. Proficiency in driving an automatic car, no bad driving record is preferred.

    5. We are a young team and believe that this is a good platform for you to study and work.

    6. Wages are negotiable.

  • Technician

    Job Requirements

    1. College degree or above in machinery, electronics, industrial automation and other related majors

    2. Proficient in CAD and other drawing software

    3. Treatment: basic salary + social security + performance reward + year-end reward

  • Sales Assistant (Merchandiser)

    Job Requirements

    1. Summary of documentary documents and control of production progress

    2. Inter-departmental communication for abnormal orders and other situations

    3. Maintain customer relationship and customer satisfaction survey

    4. Familiar with the operation of WORD, EXCEL, OFFICEL and other office software

    5. Clerical related experience and fresh graduates are preferred

    6. Treatment: basic salary + social security + business commission + year-end reward

  • Foreign trade merchandiser

    Job Requirements

    1. Treatment: basic salary + business commission + social security + year-end reward

    2. Graduated with English major, at least CET-4 or above, proficient in listening, speaking and writing

    3. Responsible for overseas promotion and sales of products, be good at using various platforms to collect customer information, and maintain close contact with customers

    4. Experience in foreign trade sales is preferred

  • Skilled worker

    Job Requirements

    1. Basic salary + post salary + overtime pay + performance salary + full attendance bonus + social security + year-end bonus + room and board

    2, 18~35 years old, soldering iron hand is preferred

    3. Good health and good eyesight, as long as those who are willing to bear hardships and stand hard work

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Shenzhen Juli Sensing Technology Co., Ltd.

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Factory Address: No. 222, Zhenlong Avenue, Zhenlong Town, Huiyang District, Huizhou City

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