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The same is stuck in the neck, sensors and instruments, is the relationship between sheep and wolves? Today, let's talk about these two stiff necks.In 2015, China imported 50 billion US dollars of instruments and meters, all of which are high-end products, which are almost impossible to make in China.For example, Therm……
After a round of research, I found that the sensor is really a "six strange" market.Sensor first strange:The sensor capacity is not small, but the domestic top players are very small.
Ubiquitous physical sensors The monitoring of physical parameters such as temperature, wind speed, atmospheric pressure, inclination and force has been important to humans since ancient times. The first sensors or devices used to measure these parameters were cumbersome. Furthermore, they are also inaccurate because th……
In the field of industrial automation, the technology of sensors has always been a concern. The integration of these years of sensors is a hot topic in industrial automation manufacturing. The concept of sensor fusion began in the 1960s and has now evolve
Shenzhen has a five-year roadmap for artificial intelligence development. The reporter learned from the new government bulletin that the "Shenzhen New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Action Plan (2019-2023)" (hereinafter referred
On May 27, the National Bureau of Statistics released the growth of total profit of industrial enterprises above designated size. From January to April, the total profits of industrial enterprises above designated size reached 1,812.94 billion yuan, a yea
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