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Shenzhen issues action plan for the development of a new generation of artificial intelligence
Release Time:2019-11-25

Shenzhen has a five-year roadmap for artificial intelligence development. The reporter learned from the new government bulletin that the "Shenzhen New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Action Plan (2019-2023)" (hereinafter referred to as "Action Plan") proposes development goals in stages in 2020 and 2023, and strives to build a national leading position. The artificial intelligence technology innovation system promotes the deep integration of the new generation of artificial intelligence and the real economy, and develops Shenzhen into the artificial intelligence technology innovation source of China and the world's leading artificial intelligence industry highland.

The artificial intelligence industry in Shenzhen has taken shape, and the intelligent application scenarios are rich and varied, and the supply of end consumer goods is strong. The "Action Plan" combines the status quo of artificial intelligence theory research, key technologies, supporting products, industry applications, infrastructure, personnel training, standardization system, spatial layout, etc., and further enhances the advantages and complements the shortcomings. The innovative ability and service capability in the field of artificial intelligence provide strong support for economic and social development.

The Action Plan proposes that by 2020, more than 10 innovative carriers will be built, more than 20 major science and technology industry development projects will be organized, and 3-5 international top-level artificial intelligence teams and 5-10 technology-led research institutions will be introduced and trained. Cultivate 10 leading enterprises in the segmentation field, the scale of artificial intelligence core industry has exceeded 10 billion yuan, and the scale of related industries has reached 300 billion yuan; by 2023, more than 20 innovative carriers have been built, and more than 20 technological innovation capabilities have been cultivated at the domestic leading level. The leading enterprises have built 10 key industrial clusters, and the scale of artificial intelligence core industry has exceeded 30 billion yuan, driving the relevant industries to reach 600 billion yuan.

Basic theory and core key technologies are the basis for the development of a new generation of artificial intelligence. Therefore, the Action Plan proposes to strengthen cutting-edge basic research and advance key core technology research. At the same time, encourage institutions of higher learning, research institutes and enterprises to cooperate in building a number of artificial intelligence technology innovation platforms, and carry out innovative project cooperation in the key core areas of artificial intelligence industry chain, innovation chain and value chain to promote the transformation of innovation results.

 "AI+Industry Economy", "AI+Civil Life", "AI+Smart City", rich artificial intelligence application scenarios, "Action Plan" further expands artificial intelligence in the medical, home, education, retail and other areas of people's livelihood and social governance of government affairs, transportation, security and so on The application of the field deepens the integration and development of the real economy. For example, promote medical imaging-assisted diagnosis systems, intelligent diagnosis and treatment systems, intelligent health management and other product-oriented and clinical auxiliary applications; carry out the construction of intelligent education pilot demonstration schools, and carry out precise teaching of robot programming and application, machine vision development, data mining and other courses; Support the development of unmanned store solutions based on technical applications such as automatic inventory counting, commodity identification, and automatic settlement, and promote the accelerated layout of unmanned stores; gather data from urban public, traffic management, operators and the Internet to realize intelligent traffic guidance Coordinated command with integrated operations.

(Source: Shenzhen Special Zone News. Reporter: Wang Liying)

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