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The influence of Sino US trade war upgrade on instrument industry
Release Time:2019-11-25

After the US imposed a tariff of 200 billion US dollars on Chinese products from 10% to 25% on May 10, the US side further threatened to initiate a process of taxing 25% of the remaining $325 billion in Chinese exports to the United States. As a counter-measure, on the evening of May 13, the State Council Tariff Commission decided to increase the tariff rate on imports of approximately US$60 billion originating in the United States from 0:00 on June 1, 2019.

Since China's high-end analytical instruments are heavily dependent on imports, the impact of tariffs on instrumentation will be inevitable.

The impact of Sino-US trade war on export enterprises

The sensitivities of Chinese exports to the United States are: electronic equipment > machinery and equipment > clothing manufacturing (textile) > metal products > furniture > chemicals > plastic rubber products > food.

Since the event was fermented, many companies in the instrumentation industry have said that they have no impact on the company's operating income and daily operations. At the same time, it will also pay close attention to developments, take effective measures to safeguard corporate interests, reduce possible risks to trade with the United States, and maintain communication and exchanges with investors. Of course, many companies in the industry also said that in the future, they will gradually upgrade their products and weaken the impact of tariffs on company costs.

In the long run, instrument manufacturers with capacity in Taiwan or Southeast Asia may benefit because they can transfer orders to where to avoid tariffs. For non-Chinese instrument manufacturers, as Chinese companies sell less instrumentation products to the US and move the rest of the products to other non-US markets, they may continue to face low-price competition, while lower prices will The price of instrumentation products has a serious impact.

The impact of Sino-US trade war on market structure

The middle and low-end products of China's instrument and meter industry have already had certain international market competitiveness, and the export volume is large, but the high-end analytical instruments are heavily dependent on imports, almost reaching 100%. The increasing demand for high-end products, these high-end instruments are still relying on imports, which is enough to let us clearly see the huge technological gap between us and the United States and the heavy dependence on the core technology of the United States, just the "ZTE event" It is a good example. In the United States, the labor costs in the United States are high, and it is difficult to achieve self-sufficiency in light industrial products, or to import from other countries.

At the same time, the Sino-US trade war will be upgraded, the market structure will face redistribution, the tariff will increase, the cost of many products will be greatly improved, the purchasing power of users may decline, and the second-best choice may be made. Commodity substitution, such a new trade pattern opens. Of course, due to the impact of the monopoly of high-end analytical instrument technology in the United States, China will further break through technical barriers and advance toward higher technology to realize the autonomy of high-end analytical instruments. (Source: China Instrument Network)

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