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The potential of sensors in the car manufacturing industry is endless
Release Time:2019-11-16

A sensor is a sensor used to check the interaction between gases, solids, liquids, and the like. Common materials are semiconductors, metals and constituent materials. The first and foremost commonly used are silicon piezoresistive force sensors and capacitive force sensors. The strength of the silicon pressure sensor is that it has good sensitivity, high precision, and defects are greatly affected by temperature.

The first application of the force sensitive sensor is to be equipped with manufacturing industrial automation system, mechatronics, scientific test equipment and other manufacturing industries. It is the first to touch the inspection, control and fulfillment of the two parameters of pressure and flow.

Car manufacturing

The car engine management system (EMS), in response to pressure, azimuth, speed, acceleration and other information for real-time, accurate inspection and control, EMS can not only accurately control the fuel supply, to replace the traditional "carburetor", and Manipulating the incineration advance angle and total air flow greatly improves engine function. After accurate injection and incineration, it can reduce pollutant emissions by 50%. The tire pressure monitoring system measures the tire pressure in each wheel hub and measures the tire pressure through the radio transmitter. The information is transmitted to the monitor in front of the driver. When the tire pressure is too low, the active alarm is announced. Safe driving, extending tire life and achieving fuel-saving intentions. In particular, the TPWS system for checking tire pressure has become a pioneer in the car industry. Nowadays, the replacement of TPWS for light-duty cars is difficult. The TPWS system skills of the wireless system are being fully developed. The car security system avoids theft and skewing of vehicles using two-axis acceleration sensors. When the theft occurs, the vehicle is lifted to cause the vehicle to skew and alarm, and the other is the airbag sensor. Hunan Feiersite Sensor Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company engaged in the research and production of sensor products. The company is committed to the development of internationally advanced MEMS sensor micro-melting skills, producing differential pressure, pressure, temperature, liquid level, flow and other sensors. Used in the car manufacturing industry.

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