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Types and characteristics of accessories, display and control instruments of load cell
Release Time:2019-11-25

The sensor signal amplifier precisely excels the sensor output signal, and the internal voltage regulation, constant current supply bridge, voltage and current conversion are performed inside the line. The display instrument is a meter that realizes the control of the force value such as weighing and pulling pressure. The product has the characteristics of fast collection speed, high precision and powerful functions, and is widely used in various force value testing machines and weighing systems.

First, weighing the load cell attachment

1.1 Single Channel Normal Amplifier

The sensor signal amplifier is to precisely amplify the sensor output signal, and the internal voltage regulation, constant current supply bridge, voltage and current conversion, impedance matching, linear compensation, temperature compensation, etc.

1.2 Single Channel Precision Amplifier

It not only has simultaneous output of voltage and current or separate output function. The power supply has reverse connection protection, surge protection, and overcurrent protection. Moreover, it has the advantages of high output precision, strong anti-interference ability, good stability and long service life. Wiring terminals and aviation sockets are used for wiring.

1.3 Multichannel Precision Amplifier

The mechanical quantity is converted into standard current and voltage signal output: 4~20mA, 0~10mA, 0~5V, 0~10V, directly interface with the automatic control device or network with the computer. The external transmitter has standard signal external zero adjustment and external adjustment gain function. The input signal can reach 0-20 mV and the accuracy can be accurate to ≤±0.1 %F.S. The supply voltage is 12VDC, 24VDC and AC220V. Protection class IP65

Second, display control instrument

2.1 Single channel weighing instrument

XST series single input channel digital weighing instrument cooperates with various types of analog output weighing and tension sensors and transmitters to complete the measurement, transformation, display, transmission and control of physical quantities such as weighing and tension. The error is less than 0.2% F.S, and it has the function of adjustment and digital filtering, which can help reduce the error of the sensor and transmitter, and effectively improve the measurement and control accuracy of the system.

Fully transparent, high-speed, and efficient network communication interface to achieve complete data transmission and control between the computer and the instrument. The unique control transfer function allows the computer to directly control the alarm output and transmission output of the meter. The time to read the measurement data is less than 10ms

Provide test software, configuration software and application software technical support

2.2 Force value display controller

The force value display controller is a product developed by our company for the control of force value such as weighing and pulling pressure. It has the characteristics of fast collection speed, high precision and powerful functions. It is widely used in various force value testing machines. And weighing systems and other occasions.

1 50 times / sec sampling speed, basic error ± 0.05% F · S

2 Adapter resistance strain gauge load cell for measurement and control. 5-button operation

3 Dimensions: 160 × 84 (horizontal / vertical) (aluminum alloy casing)

4 Instrument power supply: 220V AC

2.3 belt scale controller

It adopts industrial grade ARM, 32-bit CPU chip, 24-bit fast AD chip and graphic dot matrix display with temperature compensation and large screen. It is the most luxurious configuration of similar products at home and abroad, and is the golden partner of industrial measurement and control instruments!

Super intelligent design

The intelligentization of the belt scale controller is reflected in all aspects of function processing, interaction and exception handling. As long as you have a preliminary understanding of the equipment, you can easily complete the setting and calibration of the instrument without any help (even without the instructions), and ensure that the system can run at its best.

Software and hardware design

Each design must undergo a total of more than 200 projects in four steps, including initial review, principle review, electromagnetic compatibility, and process specification review.

2.4 packaging machine controller

It is used for starting, unloading, entrainment, error, material level signal input for coarse, fine cutting, unloading, entrainment, error alarm output. The instrument is suitable for packaging control and can be equipped with various resistance strain sensors. It is especially suitable for the packaging of solid materials with uniform size and granularity. With total package count and total cumulative display size: 160 × 80 (horizontal) Instrument power supply: 220V AC

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