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Juli sensor participates in the Mac touchpad
Release Time:2019-11-16

According to foreign media Apple Insider, the US Patent and Trademark Office has released a new patent from Apple: a touchpad with integrated force sensor and haptic feedback regulator. It is reported that this new touchpad integrates multiple load cells and a regulator that can provide tactile feedback.

Apple will participate in the load cell for the Mac touchpad. The patent appears, the new touchpad can sense the finger strength of the user, and complete the operations of “pressing” and “releasing” without the need for mechanical action. Apple said that the integrated touchpad used by the MacBook at the time had certain shortcomings. The mechanical action of the touchpad was completed by the hinge structure below the rear edge, and once the user's fingers were not directly above the hinge, they would have to spend a little more. The end of the strength of the operation, affecting the application experience.

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