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Application of Juli sensor in automotive safety experiment and robot industry
Release Time:2019-11-16

Speaking of multi-axis load cells, there are not many people who know. However, many people have seen car bump experiments on TV, judging the safety function of the car by bumping the output signal of the human sensor. It can be said that without the multi-axis load cell, the sneak peek can only be used as a model in the window, but it can't really work.

In the car safety laboratory, the general car manufacturers will conduct experiments on safety functions, let the person sitting in the car intentionally bump, and then look at the acceleration, load and deformation of the various parts of the person, and then determine the safety level of the car. .

The model is mostly made of metal and plastic, not only has the same shape as a real person, but also has a messy spine, ribs and muscles. The most important thing is to imitate the technical data of the car's various multi-axis force sensors on the body, to analyze the technical data of the car in the blink of an eye. In general, a multi-axis load cell is mounted on a car bump, imitating a person's neck, hands, legs, and the like.

The neck will be broken by a certain degree of force, and the thigh will be fractured by a strong impact. By analyzing the various force data collected by the load cell and the dummy's 'injury', the car manufacturer can determine the safety function level accordingly.

The existing exploration of load cell in robot work

In addition, today, domestic teams apply multi-axis force sensor technology to robot work, which enhances the robot's intelligence level.

How robots are smarter, one has vision and the other is touch. Today, 95% of robots have so-called vision. If a multi-axis load cell is added to make the robot's hand feel, it can greatly enhance the robot's intelligence.

In addition, multi-axis load cells can also be used in industrial applications where the added value is not high, such as the need for tactile robots. In the grinding work, dust is harmful to the human body, work intensity is high and safety accidents occur frequently. Today, a domestic team is also planning to develop smart grinding heads with multi-axis load cells, allowing robots to replace manual grinding and then let more companies use it.

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