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Internet of Things helps sensor industry development
Release Time:2019-11-16

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology held a special soft topic minister meeting on "Intelligent Production and Countermeasures". Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Xin Guobin pointed out that the next step is to focus on the "short board" of smart production such as sensors, industrial software, industrial control systems, and system integration. The system promotes intelligent production operations.

As the foundation of the Internet of Everything, the sensor is widely used in many fields such as industrial production, smart cars, and communication consumer electronics. In the current society, the Internet of Everything has become a global trend. Liu Haitao, head of the China National Internet of Things Base Specification Working Group, said: "The Internet of Things is a new system that transcends intelligence and transcends the Internet. All information is not entered by people, but the Internet of Things terminal system is perceived in the entity international. And the foreword of this perception is the sensor. The great development of the Internet of Things will inevitably lead to a big burst of the sensor industry.

With the new era of IoT results coming soon, sensors will be widely used in the food industry, electronic technology, talented cities and other occupations, which also marks the accumulation of sensor demand for the market. It is reported that the global sensor mall in 2011 was 82.8 billion US dollars, and the global sensor mall scale reached 158.7 billion US dollars last year. According to the "2016-2021 China MEMS sensor professional shopping mall demand and investment planning analysis statement", the output of China's sensor shopping mall has now exceeded 120 billion yuan, with the continuous development of Internet of Things skills, the sensor output will be 30% per year in the next five years. increase.

In addition, the development of the Internet of Things also urges the improvement of professional norms. This will also promote the further development of the sensor industry. Taking drones as an example, the global drone industry is currently experiencing great heat. Drones are widely used in all areas of social life. For example, not long ago, Amazon drove the development of drones for shopping malls, and the UAVs in China monitored traffic, entered agriculture, or participated in disaster relief. The development of the drone industry is inseparable from the development of the sensor industry.

Xiao Bian believes that China's sensor potential shopping mall has great potential, and the sensor as a root industry will penetrate into many areas of the Internet of Everything. However, the proportion of China's domestic sensor stores is not optimistic. At present, China's high-end sensor chips still rely on imports, but this side also proves that China's domestic sensors have great room for growth. Trust is under the guidance of the policy, the domestic sensor industry will usher in the spring, and the potential shopping malls will reach a scale of 100 billion.

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