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Liquid level sensor sensitivity and resolution
Release Time:2019-11-16

The liquid level sensor sensitivity refers to the ratio of the output quantity change Δy to the input quantity change Δx in the case of the steady state operation of the liquid level sensor. It is the slope of the output-input characteristic curve. Sensitivity S is a constant if there is a linear relationship between the output of the level sensor and the input. Otherwise, it will change as the amount of input changes. The dimension of sensitivity is the ratio of the dimensions of the output and the input. For example, for a displacement level sensor, when the displacement changes by 1 mm, the output voltage changes to 200 mV, and the sensitivity should be 200 mV/mm. When the output of the liquid level sensor and the dimension of the input amount are the same, the sensitivity can be understood as a magnification. Improved sensitivity for higher measurement accuracy. However, the higher the sensitivity, the narrower the measurement scale and the worse the stability.

The resolution of the level sensor is the ability of the level sensor to sense the smallest change that is measured. That is, if the input amount changes slowly from some non-zero value. When the input change value does not exceed a certain value, the output of the liquid level sensor will not change, that is, the change of the liquid level sensor to this input quantity is not discernible. The output will only change when the input changes beyond the resolution. Generally, the resolution of the liquid level sensor at each point in the full-scale scale is not the same. Therefore, the maximum change value of the input amount that can make the step change of the output in the full-scale range is used as the target for measuring the resolution.

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