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Domestic smart sensors need to work hard to miniaturize and integrate
Release Time:2019-11-12

With the continuous development of science and technology, various equipment to promote the medical profession continue to move towards automation and intelligence. Intelligent sensor can collect, process, analyze and transmit information in the field of medicine. Its development can be added to the development of the medical profession.

Sensor is to simulate human sensory collecting external information electronics, intelligent sensor, the end is like to be part of the human brain and nervous system function, from feeling memory to the process of thought, known as the "wisdom", and refers to the so-called intelligent sensor check parameters information processing, analyze the function of information can be stored or other information analysis results can be converted to instruction function of the sensor. For example, the sensor and microprocessor are closely combined through technical means, and the sensor's sensor sensor and its signal conditioning circuit are integrated with the microprocessor on a chip, which can be called a sensor with initial intelligence. Smart sensor combines ASIC circuit, microprocessor, communication interface, software protocol, etc. with sensitive chip to make full use of the sensitive chip's perception information.

Integration, miniaturization, multi-function, intelligence and networking are the development trend of sensors, but integration and miniaturization are the root of this trend, as long as the integration and miniaturization skills end low cost, low power consumption, high function, multi-function, intelligence and networking. Therefore, from the perspective of the root of such an end, intelligence and network are intentions, and integration and miniaturization are the means to end such intentions. Based on the skills of integration and miniaturization, more intelligent elements with high quality are integrated into a whole structure, which is the intelligent microsystem. Intelligent Microsystems require more integration of disciplinary knowledge and skills.

At that time, the main bottleneck for the sensor industry to carry out miniaturization and integration was the lack of industrial chain capacity of IC and MEMS skills in China, which was far from the world's advanced skills in terms of nature of skills, production capacity and production scale. In terms of sensor commodities, although individual commodities have strong skills, there are still some fundamental questions in general, such as low reliability, shortage of basic skills and production skills for discussion, backward functions and functions of commodities, long updating cycle of commodity skills, and less bottom-up planning for application requirements. China lags behind developed countries in scientific research and development of sensors by about 5 to 10 years, and production skills by about 10 to 15 years.

Therefore, in order to accelerate the development of smart sensors, the demand for government support is increased, and the vocational common skills service channels are established to provide support for vocational independence and sustainable development, so as to improve the development level of all occupations. At the same time, it is necessary to encourage cross-vocational joint management and support the independent planning, development and industrial construction of a batch of high-precision smart sensors. Organize research institutions and colleges to deal with the key problems of intelligent and networked sensor backbone products.

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