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Explain to you where the domestic sensor level and foreign gap are
Release Time:2019-11-12

   The process of industrial modernization in China and the rapid growth of the electronic information industry at a speed of more than 20 have led to a rapid rise in sensor shopping malls. In recent years, the use of sensors in medical, environmental, meteorological and other special electronic equipment has also increased rapidly, and the sensors used account for 15% of the market share. The many needs of the above-mentioned occupations for sensors provide an excellent opportunity for the development of the sensor industry in the township.

   China's sensor shopping malls have been increasing continuously in recent years, increasing the speed more than 15. In 2012, China's sensor use four categories of industrial and car electronic goods, telecommunications electronic goods, consumer electronics products, during which industrial and car electronic goods accounted for 42% of the market share. At the mercy of the market, the size of the mall reached 16 billion yuan, and all the sensors in the sensor broke 50 billion yuan. So far, China's sensor products are only 10 categories, 42 categories, more than 6,000 types, and there are still many shortages. Because there is still a long way to go to developed countries in terms of skills and production ability, the level of commodity skills is low, and the types of standards are not complete. Domestic sensor products are far from satisfactory domestic needs, especially some high-end sensors, MEMS sensors, sensors for cars, and special Supporting sensors, etc., these still rely mainly on imports. Now sensor imports account for 80%, and sensor chip imports account for 90%. Localization needs to be urgent.

   The domestic sensor development level is far from the foreign countries, mainly the following questions:

   1. The skill base is thin, the level of discussion is not high, and there is no independent intellectual property rights.

   Many companies in China are now citing foreign chip processing, and there are very few products developed independently. It is very thin to stand on its own. Domestic sensor companies have relied on foreign skills for a long time, and they have formed a situation of strong external weakness in their skills. They have not only lost the mid-to-high-end merchandise shopping malls, but also directly caused a single type of homologue and homogenization. doubt.

   2, the existence of many small companies makes the price competition of domestic sensors more and more fierce in the low-end sensor category, and on the other hand, in the high, fine and sharp categories, domestic sensors survive. With the sensor to more aggressively move towards industrialization, the scope and scope of the use of sensors including general-purpose sensors will be further expanded, followed by the deepening of the degree of shopping and the improvement of customer procurement guidelines, which will provide the track supply for China's sensor industry to standardize. An outstanding key.

   The released "2014-2018 China Knock Sensor Professional Shopping Mall Survey Report" pointed out: At that time, sensor skills were moving towards intelligent, miniaturized, low-power, wireless transmission and portable, China's hometown sensor mall also continued The increase in speed means that there is room for development. However, in the face of such a tempting mall, there are still many local companies that have to work hard. Torque sensor manufacturer

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