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What are the differences and connections between sensors and transmitters?
Release Time:2019-11-15

A sensor is a generic term for a device or device that can be measured and converted into a usable output signal according to a certain rule, usually consisting of a sensitive component and a conversion component.

When the output of the sensor is a specified standard signal, it is called a transmitter. The concept of a transmitter is an instrument that converts a non-standard electrical signal into a standard electrical signal, also known as an amplifier.

A sensor is a device that converts a physical signal into an electrical signal. In the past, physical signals were often used, and other signals are now available.

The primary instrument refers to the on-site measuring instrument or the base control table. The secondary instrument refers to the instrument that uses the primary signal to complete other functions: functions such as control and display.

Sensors and transmitters are the concept of thermal instrumentation. The sensor converts non-electrical physical quantities such as temperature, pressure, liquid level, material, gas characteristics, etc. into electrical signals or sends physical quantities such as pressure, liquid level, etc. directly to the transmitter.

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