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How to select torque sensor correctly?
Release Time:2019-11-11

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Torque sensors are classified into dynamic and static. They are the detection of the torsional moment on various rotating or non-rotating mechanical parts. Before selecting the torque sensor, the torque to be measured must first be judged. Static torque sensor It is only suitable for torque force measurement of static, non-continuous rotation. For torque measurements that are too fast or rotate over 360 degrees, only dynamic torque sensors can be selected. Another problem is that the price of static and dynamic torque sensors varies widely, so if a static torque sensor can be used, the static torque sensor is preferred.

The type of torque sensor is selected, and the rest is the choice of sensor range and measurement accuracy. There are many kinds of torque sensor ranges, which can be divided into three types: micro range, medium range and large range. Shanghai Yuyang torque sensor has 0 to ±5, ±10, ±20, ±50, ±100, ±200, ±300, ±500, ±1000, ±2000, ±3000, ±5000, ±10000, ±20000, A variety of range torque sensors, such as ±30,000, +50,000, +60,000, are available, covering almost all torque measurement ranges.

Again, the accuracy of the sensor is selected. Generally, there are several precisions of ±%F·S, ±%F·S, and ±%F·S. Again, accuracy is proportional to price.

Another point to note is the output mode of the torque sensor. There are also three analog output outputs, current output, voltage output and frequency output. These can be debugged according to the customer's choice before leaving the factory, which is convenient for customers to use on site.

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