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5 maintenance methods of load cell
Release Time:2019-11-25

(1) Symmetrical heavy-duty sensors in high-temperature environments cause problems such as melting of coating materials, opening of solder joints, and structural changes in stress in elastomers. Weighing sensors that operate in high temperature environments often use high temperature sensors; in addition, they must be insulated, water cooled or air cooled.

(2) The influence of short circuit caused by dust and moisture symmetrical weight sensor. Under these environmental conditions, a sensor with high airtightness should be used. Different sensors have different sealing methods, and their airtightness is very different. Common seals are filled or coated with sealant; mechanically sealed seals for rubber pads; welded (argon arc welding, plasma beam welding) and vacuum-filled nitrogen seals. From the perspective of the sealing effect, the welding seal is the best, and the filling and sealing agent is the amount difference. For sensors working in a clean and dry environment, you can choose a rubber-sealed sensor. For some sensors that work in a humid, dusty environment, you should choose a diaphragm heat seal or a diaphragm weld seal. Vacuum nitrogen filled sensor.

(3) In the environment with high corrosivity, such as the damage of the elastomer or the short circuit caused by the wet and acid symmetric weight sensor, the outer surface should be sprayed or stainless steel cover, which has good corrosion resistance and good airtightness. Sensor.

(4) The influence of the electromagnetic field symmetrical weight sensor output turbulence signal. In this case, the shielding of the sensor should be strictly checked to see if it has good electromagnetic resistance.

(5) Flammable and explosive, not only the symmetrical weight sensor causes complete damage, but also poses a great threat to other equipment and personal safety. Therefore, sensors operating in flammable and explosive environments put forward higher requirements for explosion-proof performance: explosion-proof sensors must be used in flammable and explosive environments. The sealed cover of such sensors should not only consider its tightness, but also Take into account the explosion-proof strength, as well as the waterproof, moisture-proof and explosion-proof properties of the cable lead.

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