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New sensor "rushing tide" Internet of Things
Release Time:2019-11-16

As the front-end sensing component of the Internet of Things, sensors play an irrelevant role in the development of the Internet of Things. The data released by the Active Components and Sensors Branch of China Electronic Component Working Association shows that the shopping malls of China's sensors continue to add momentum, and the speed of addition exceeds 15%. In the next five years, the average sales rate of domestic sensor stores will reach 31%. This is in line with the rhythm of the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things brings new opportunities

The low-carbon economy has become a hot topic in all circles. The third industrial revolution that has arisen around the world will determine the low-carbon economy and the Internet of Things industry. The world economy will show green, wireless network and health and safety. trend. Greening is the base address of the low-carbon economy. Wireless networking is the basis for the existing Internet, broadcasting and communication networks, and communication networks to move toward the “Internet of Things.” Health and safety is the root of the low-carbon and Internet of Things.

Recently, at the "Internet of Things and Sensor Industry Forum and 2011 Annual Meeting" organized by the Active Components and Sensors Branch of China Electronic Components Working Association in Wuhan, Hubei, the participants believed that the Internet of Things has become a global favorite. In the environment, it is necessary for sensor companies to seize this opportunity, adjust product structure, and track top-level technologies, especially new sensors that use technologies such as MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems).

According to the "Internet of Things Industry (2010)" jointly released by Zhongguancun IoT Industry Alliance and Great Wall Strategy Consulting, Chen said that China's Internet of Things industry will become a new industry of trillions of dollars. Therefore, the Internet of Things will have a very broad vision for expansion. The sensor is the basic exploration terminal that constitutes the Internet of Things. As the primary technology for the development of the Internet of Things, sensor technology has naturally become the focus of the mall.

Professor Tang Yanan from Dalian University of Technology pointed out that the timing of the Internet of Things for sensor work is mainly reflected in the following aspects: The Internet of Things is a new factor driving economic growth. In the coming decades, the Internet of Things technology will promote the development of various tasks for the national economy. Launched a trillion-yuan-related equipment manufacturing, operation, and effectiveness industry. Electronic products account for a growing share of modern industrial products, reaching 53% by the end of 2010. After the industrial modernization, the Internet of Things once again promotes the opportunity for the active components and sensors to expand.

"The Internet of Things's response to sensor work lies in the need for multiple varieties of sensor products, which can meet the measurement requirements of everything; the integration of sensors to meet the inductive requirements of viewing, processing, and transmission systems; the network of sensors and low power consumption Characteristics, the invention of green electronics, support the use of low-carbon environmental protection needs." Tang Yuan said.

Wen Xueli, secretary-general of the China Electricity Association, analyzed the situation of China's Internet of Things and sensors and pointed out that the Internet of Things is not only a technological innovation, but also a systematic innovation of internships and business methods. The company must seize this wave. Need to be more open, more pragmatic and more collaborative.

Gradually decreasing from foreign countries

Guo Meng, secretary of the Active Components and Sensors Branch of the Electronic Components Association of China, said that at the time, from the government to all the work, the Internet of Things and sensors were highly valued. In July 2011, the China Electronic Components Association recently released In the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan for Electronic Components Work", intelligent and networked sensors for the Internet of Things industry, as well as sensors for environmental monitoring and security monitoring are listed in the list of key products. With the active guidance and support of national policies, China's sensor technology and industry have made remarkable achievements. We are gradually reducing the gap with foreign countries in the field of sensor technology research. A group of new sensors based on MEMS technology are entering the market. In various fields, the application plan is continuously expanded, and the solution technology, material control technology, production technology, reliability technology and testing technology are continuously developed, and mass production can be gradually advanced; traditional sensors such as mechanical sensors, gas sensors, temperature sensors, optical sensors, voltages Sensitive sensors, production and sales situation has risen steadily, not only in the domestic shopping malls share gradually added, but also meet the needs of some foreign shopping malls.

However, China's sensor industry and technology research still lag behind the world's leading level, especially in the field of new sensors. Guo Meng pointed out that micro-nano sensors are the representatives of the new sensor industry. In terms of micro-nano sensors, the United States, the European Union, Japan and other countries have now formed a stable R&D team, solution team, product processing company and user group, their MEMS foundation. Technology has been developed into a period of sophistication and stability. Pressure sensors, inertial sensors, accelerometers, humidity sensors, chemical sensors, and wireless sensor networks not only meet the needs of national defense security and the national economy, but are also expanding into the field of cost products. Various products can be mass-produced according to the needs of shopping malls.

Strengthen new sensor development

At that time, China's sensor industry is in a critical period from traditional to new sensors. The new sensors are based on MEMS technology, new materials, microelectronics technology and related discipline technologies. The product features integrated, intelligent, miniaturized, networked, multi-functional and low cost, excellent technical function and high reliability index. The new sensors include sensors for temperature, humidity, optics, infrared, chemical, magnetic and acoustic applications in new strategic industrial applications such as low-carbon economy and Internet of Things.

Zhang Hongquan, a researcher at the 49th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, pointed out that MEMS, as the world's most recognized new industry in the 21st century, should receive strong support from the state. Government financial support should be changed in a “less and wider” way, with key support from companies that choose technology to be the first in the social program. After completing the industrialization of MEMS, the government should take the initiative to invent the whole industry chain of the "MEMS grass-creation company - public R&D channel - foundry - packaging factory" instead of cutting the way, so that the companies in all links of the industrial chain will be promoted by the government in the early stage. Establish a strategic collaboration.

Guo Meng pointed out that in the future, the sensor industry should be based on the needs of shopping malls, not only to strengthen the development of new sensors, but also to improve the quality of traditional sensors and the addition of production; product varieties are tilted towards the investment category, especially adding "blank" varieties. Then make the sensor varieties and varieties share appropriate, constitute a new and old, alternating near and far, complete varieties, meet the needs of the new product structure.

Regarding the production of the large-scale production of the sensor company, Guo Meng marked that the internship of the large-scale production technology indicates that the program economy yields benefits. Since the demand for various types of sensors is not the same, the output of the program economy is not the same. Taking into account the use of leading production technology and the expansion of shopping malls in the future, the production plan of a wide range of general-purpose sensors will be calculated with an annual output of only 100 million, and the production plan of some mid-range sensors will be based on an annual output of 10 million (including above). And some advanced sensors and special sensors will be produced in an annual production capacity of several hundred thousand to several million. After the completion of the program economy, the production cost can be reduced to the maximum limit, and then the productization of the cheap sensor is completed.

Experts in the industry believe that in addition to the production of the program, the production pattern of the sensor should also be professionalized. The connotation of specialized production is: the production of sensors is small and refined; specializing in the production of a certain type of sensor products needed in a certain field of application to obtain High market share; professional cooperation of various sensor companies (such as materials, component chips, installation; chip, shell and base, assembly, etc.), and then effectively avoid the "big and complete" within the company, advance The economic benefits of the sensor company.

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