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Sensor technology enables precise polishing of robots
Release Time:2019-11-16
Recently, global information technology research and analysis arrangements Gartner summarized the top ten strategic technology trends in 2014, proposing that "the era of intelligent machines will become the most subversive era in the history of IT", saying that intelligent machines will accelerate the cost. Xiao Y, a polishing robot with sensors, is an obvious example of the high intelligence of intelligent machines.

"Intelligent machines sound a long way to go, and practice has been gradually used around." Zhang Chi, a scholar of the Precision Sports and Preemptive Robotics Technical Team of the Ningbo Institute of Materials, said that both home goods and production equipment are still robotic technologies. Let us bring in an increasingly intelligent era.

The small Y gradually walks to the metal workpiece, and obtains the three-dimensional cloud point information of the shape and displacement of the object through machine vision, and transmits it to the control system; after that, through the pressure sensor reverberation, the small Y changes the control intensity according to the appearance, and ends the precise polishing.

Xiao Y is a polishing robot that exists in the imagination of the robot team. It represents the hot topic of international research, that is, how to collect and store the knowledge and experience of skilled technicians through various sensors, machine visions, etc., to form an expert system to teach robots, let robots simulate human actions, and arrive at skilled workers. The effect of the operation.

"Highly intelligent robots, touching multidisciplinary intersections, it is very difficult to end." Zhang Chi said that this is a hot topic in international robotics.

For a long time, the polishing process has mostly been completed by manual processing, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the product consistency is poor. Thus, the demand for active polishing equipment is increasing.

And this demand exists in many professions and fields. For example, in the Philips factory in the Netherlands, electric razors are assembled using 128 robotic arms.

Using "robots" to defeat "people" is one of the ways in which the US "re-industrialization" strategy. In China, the advancement of traditional industries with modern, and automated equipment is also an objective requirement for promoting industrial advancement. During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, the demand for industrial robots in China will increase at a rate of 15 to 20 per year. The International Federation of Robotics estimates that by 2014 China will become the world's largest robotic mall.

In this setting, the robot team focuses on R&D. A few days ago, the polishing robot controlled by the researcher Xia Qinghua was the first to carry out the preliminary development. The second generation prototype has already completed the initial commissioning. It can follow the operation of the worker polishing the workpiece, and by controlling the contact force, the constant force contact is made between the polishing object and the processed workpiece, which is useful for ensuring the polishing quality and ending the polishing of the workpiece.

"The integration of new technologies such as industrial robots and vision and multi-source sensor information fusion technology is making it move toward more intelligent direction." Zhang Chi said that in the international arena, the technology is also in the application period, and the small Y is polished. Future samples of the robot.

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