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Capacitive intelligent oil level sensor has advantages over traditional oil level inspection
Release Time:2019-11-16

1. accurate measurement, up to 0.3% sensor;

2. The measurement process has no mechanical touch, no wear and high reliability;

3. On-site external calibration zero point and full scale;

4. For oil level calibration of fuel tanks with different scales and different volumes, it can be cut off on site according to demand, and the scope of application is wide;

5. intelligent digital signal output, can communicate with the host computer;

6. high explosion-proof performance, according to the explosion-proof request to manufacture cost-type safety, explosion-proof products, suitable for a variety of risk locations;

7. impact resistance and sensation, long life: the internal selection of micro-infrared technology, the sensor is equipped with a common shock absorber, easy should

For the undulating road conditions; (traditional for the float lever construction, the sensor fluctuating road conditions are easily damaged)

8. The top of the sensor is a threaded structure that can be equipped with a flange. For large vehicles, there is a standard-scale integrated structure. The oil circuit and circuit interface can be changed without changing the device. The device protection is simple, and the product can satisfy the requirements of high temperature, high pressure and oscillation occasions, without timing protection and calibration.

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