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Application of medical pressure sensor
Release Time:2019-11-15

At the same time, it has the ability to innovate and provide customers with flexible and cost-effective solutions in the process of process weighing control and force measurement.

A pressure sensor is a transducer that converts force and gravity into electrical signals. Pressure sensor applications in medicine, also known as medical pressure sensors, must be highly accurate and compact for easy portability, especially when the device is directly connected to the patient. For example, the sensor is used in a medical instrument integrated monitoring instrument, and standard packaging materials such as stainless steel and anodized aluminum are used. If the pressure sensor device is in direct contact with the human body or liquid, special stainless steel or disposable sensors that can be autoclaved can be used.

Medical pressure sensor sensors have been used for bed weight monitoring in the early days, and small pressure sensor sensors are now being applied to areas prone to human error, such as infusion pumps for administration. In order to adjust the flow rate as accurately as possible and to facilitate the nurse to monitor at any time, pressure sensor sensors are applied to the infusion pump. This sensor accurately measures the weight of the infusion bag. When the weight of the liquid is different from the preset value, the sensor will immediately send a warning message to the connected device and communicate with the controller in time.

Shenzhen Juli Sensing Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high quality and high precision sensors. The main products include load cell, micro pull/pressure sensor, pull rod type tension and pressure sensor, S type tension and pressure sensor, ring sensor, column sensor, shaft pin type sensor, weighing type sensor, three-dimensional force and other multi-axis force sensors. Static dynamic torque sensors, micro-displacement sensors, pressure transmitters (hydraulic sensors), transmitters/amplifiers, control instruments, and hand-held instruments have more than 100 kinds of force control products, and have obtained a number of national patents;

Products are widely used in more than 10 new and intelligent high-end areas, including industrial automation production lines, robotics, machinery manufacturing, medical, textile, automotive, metallurgy and transportation;

Excellent quality, quality assurance, quality inspection, strict quality control

The company has modern and spacious workshops, advanced production and testing equipment, professional R & D team and perfect management system to provide customers with the most reasonable and practical solutions.

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