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Release Time:2019-11-15

Ju Liji develops and manufactures weighing load cells, intelligent control instruments, automation system integration and automatic control equipment.

Smart homes have risen in the domestic and international markets, and perhaps in the near future, smart homes will enter every household. Smart homes generally have a variety of grid sensors built in. This sensor combines with the Internet of Things to make the home equipment work better together, so that the home products are all intelligent. The types of sensors commonly used in smart homes are:

1. Temperature sensor, mainly used to detect the temperature difference between residential areas and outside, it can sense the temperature and can convert the temperature into a signal that can be output. It can be divided into contact temperature sensors (ie thermometers) and non-contact temperature sensors.

2. Carbon dioxide sensor, a sensor device for detecting and controlling indoor air quality. Carbon dioxide sensors are generally used in home networks, ventilation systems, controllers, wall mounts, automobiles, robots, and more.

3. Door magnetic detector sensor is mainly used to detect whether a door, window, drawer, etc. is intentionally opened. It is also an alarm device, mainly used for theft prevention.

4, current sensor, is an automatic detection and display of current, and in the event of overcurrent, overvoltage and other hazard situations with automatic protection and more advanced intelligent control, with sensing, sensing sampling, sensing protection Technology has also been widely used in real life.

Sensors have been used everywhere in people's daily lives. According to the IHS research report, the smart grid is the largest terminal application market in the sensor market in 2021, with a market share of more than 75%. Smart grid sensors will also see extreme growth in the coming years.

Juli - to provide customers with a full range of force control solutions.

Excellent quality, quality assurance, quality inspection, strict quality control

Shenzhen Juli Sensing Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high quality and high precision sensors. The main products include load cell, micro pull/pressure sensor, pull rod type tension and pressure sensor, S type tension and pressure sensor, ring sensor, column sensor, shaft pin type sensor, weighing type sensor, three-dimensional force and other multi-axis force sensors. Static dynamic torque sensors, micro-displacement sensors, pressure transmitters (hydraulic sensors), transmitters/amplifiers, control instruments, and hand-held instruments have more than 100 kinds of force control products, and have obtained a number of national patents;

Products are widely used in more than 10 new and intelligent high-end areas, including industrial automation production lines, robotics, machinery manufacturing, medical, textile, automotive, metallurgy and transportation;

Product technology continues to innovate and new product research and development capabilities.

The company has modern and spacious workshops, advanced production and testing equipment, professional R & D team and perfect management system to provide customers with the most reasonable and practical solutions.

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